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Resources and information regarding the Pivot to Digital/Virtual Learning and Story Time due to COVID-19

(updated 3/24/2020)

**Please note that I'm doing my best to keep up with my availability and response to the demand for resources and that any of the information below is subject to change. Thanks for your interest and your inquiries. I appreciate all the work being done right now by parents, teachers, librarians, booksellers, and everyone else who works in the service of young readers.**

Q: Can I record myself reading one of your Savvy books aloud to my students?

A: Yes! Penguin Random House is "permitting teachers, librarians and booksellers to create and share story time and read-aloud videos and live events, according to the following guidelines..." Please click on the following link for complete information:

Q: Is there any way my children/students can access the digital or audio book versions of your books for free?

A: The library? I'm afraid that's all I can think of. While many public libraries are closed to the public, many still provide electronic resources online. I realize this may not be a helpful option for everyone, as wait times for books can be long, and not all children have access to e-readers and other technology required to download audio books and e-books. If I learn of any changes that allow free downloads, I will update this page ASAP.

Q: Can I scan pages from Savvy (or any of your books) to post on my online classroom so that students can read the book to themselves?

A: Unfortunately, no. Only temporary read-aloud videos can be posted to virtual classrooms, as described in the link given above.

Q: Can you connect with my students via Zoom, or some other virtual meeting tool?

A: Yes! I can certainly give it a try. I'm new to Zoom, having relied on Skype for many years, but if you can be patient with me as I learn new tools, I'm sure we can make something work.

Q: Do you having any educational resources young readers can print from home?

A: I don't have any new educational materials at this time. But you can access an existing educational guide, filled with lesson and project ideas here:

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